Many people in Knoxville do not understand how serious car accidents can be when there is alcohol involved. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, each day, motorists who drive while intoxicated kill 28 individuals. 

Because drunk driving car accidents are the cause of many life-threatening injuries and deaths, victims and their loved ones can file personal injury claims to help them deal with the aftermath. 

Challenges that car accident victims face 

People who survive alcohol-related car accidents often face many challenges during their recoveries. Some of them are unable to return to work and perform their normal daily activities. They must rely on their family members and health care providers for financial and medical assistance. Just like other types of motor vehicle collisions, accidents involving alcohol can cause injury to the following areas on the body. 

  •        Spine
  •        Brain
  •        Neck
  •        Chest
  •        Hands, arms and legs 

Some victims are so severely injured that they become disabled and face additional challenges. All victims must deal with the emotional and financial impact that their ordeals leave behind. 

Many drunk driving accidents occur at night. They should also stay away from drivers who show signs of inebriation. Motorists can reduce their risk of crashing with drunk drivers by staying alert, especially at night. Individuals can also avoid collisions by eliminating distractions and improving their driving skills. Motorists who speed or drive too slow, tailgate, weave in and out of traffic and drive on the wrong side of the streets can cause them and other drivers to make errors that make the roads more dangerous.