If you are one of the many people in Tennessee or across the country who have been involved in a collision with a tractor trailer, you know first hand how devastating these accidents can be. These massive vehicles can cause serious property damage, physical injuries and emotional trauma. A number of these accidents may be the result of drowsy, distracted, drunk or otherwise negligent truck drivers. As a motorist navigating the busy roadways of Knoxville, it may be helpful for you to understand what the common causes of trucking accidents are. This information could help you avoid becoming involved in a big rig collision.

Truck drivers who fall asleep while behind the wheel due to lack of sleep and too much drive time may be one of the most common contributors to the high rate of tractor trailer accidents, injuries and fatalities across the state. Yet, it is not the only factor that leads to these catastrophic incidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the following may also result in an accident:

  •          Equipment malfunction, such as brakes, lights, steering, tires and safety devices
  •          Freight that is unevenly distributed
  •          Speeding trucks
  •          Careless driving in bad weather conditions, including ice, rain, snow, wind and fog

Poorly trained truckers can also increase the risk of tractor trailer accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that a surprising 171,150 truckers were taken off of the road after they were found driving with too many violations, as reported by NBC News. Furthermore, more than 2.1 million tractor trailers were removed from service for having excessive inspection violations.

While you may not be able to control the driving habits of truckers on the road, you can drive defensively around big rigs to lower your risk of becoming victimized by these large vehicles.

This is general information only and is not intended to provide legal advice.