As bizarre as it may sound, one Tennessee family received quite the ringing in of the new year last week when a car crashed into the front of their home. A report explains that the young man driving was unable to slow the car down and as he traveled down a hill, couldn’t stop before striking the home of the innocent not-quite-bystanders.

An investigation was said to be ongoing at the time of the report, however it was reported that the young man was using his brake pedals, yet they were not responding. In cases like this, all factors will likely have to be taken into account in order to find out what, if any, kind of negligence or wrongdoing may have occurred.

The family now has a gaping home; the front wide and open for the neighbors to see. The husband explains that they had heard the crash and thought to turn off all of their electricity breakers and only after that did they realize that a car had plowed into their home. Their dining room and kitchen are now apparently squished and broken.

It is odd circumstances such as this that could involve painstaking amounts of paperwork and insurance fees. For the family, luckily no harm was reported to have come to them, but they may wish to follow up after the investigation to see what kinds of damages they may be owed. For the young driver, it may behoove him as well to understand exactly what malfunctioned in his brakes to cause the accident, if so. Such an issue could result in compensation for him as well.

Tennessee car accidents like this can literally come completely unexpected as most people usually understand such an accident to happen on a road, not involving a home. Often though, these accidents are messy and confusing and working with an experienced attorney could help to understand all of your options as you begin to repair the damage.

Source:, “Car crashes into Jackson home,” Jan. 2, 2013