Tennessee residents undoubtedly understand the risks they face when they head out on the road. This is true if they are driving, are passengers, are bicyclists or pedestrians. Motor vehicle accidents can cause severe injuries and fatalities. While the inherent dangers such as drunk drivers, distracted drivers, recklessness, negligence and drowsiness frequently factor in with a crash, there is a hope that advanced technology will make the roads exponentially safer. However, new research indicates that these systems’ effectiveness may be lacking.

Research downplays impact of driver assist

A new study from AAA came to several sobering conclusions about driver assist. Specifically, it says that these systems are unreliable and their safety benefits might be mitigated by that unreliability. These advancements include lane-assist to keep vehicles in their lanes, pedestrian recognition and automatic braking. Increasingly, automakers are installing driver assist. AAA tested five vehicles with these features and found that they all had at least one problem. An example is the driver needing to show quick reactions to maintain the vehicle’s lane at least one driver assist failure for every eight miles driven.

Even the benefits are thought to be inconsistent. Drivers who have vehicles with this advanced technology tend to become complacent and place too much trust in the vehicle’s technology. Nearly three out of four problems were linked to lane assist. Researchers say that human error is a cause for 94% of motor vehicle accidents and these advancements are designed to take the possibility of driver error out of the equation. However, it is only as effective as its design and there are still flaws to iron out.

Drivers should be aware of these issues

A vehicle drifting out of its lane is fundamentally dangerous. This is true if it is a road in which the vehicles are all heading in the same direction, but it is especially worrisome on a two-way road as a drifting vehicle can spark a head-on collision. It is easy to grow relaxed behind the wheel if there is a perception that the vehicle itself will handle any unexpected occurrence. If there is an accident, people can suffer life-changing injuries, exorbitant medical expenses, lost wages from the inability to work, and lifelong problems. Fatalities are also common causing emotional, financial and personal turmoil for the family left behind. Compensation through a legal filing might be the only way to cover for all that was lost. Consulting with a firm experienced in assessing and investigating motor vehicle accidents may be essential to a successful claim.