The driver of a tractor trailer is facing possible homicide charges after a crash on Interstate 40 near Knoxville claimed a woman’s life. The fatal car accident happened when the driver’s big rig rolled over onto the woman’s car. He collided with two other vehicles as well, including another tractor trailer.

The man was driving a 2004 Volvo semi truck that was hauling furniture during the evening rush hour one day last week. He apparently first rear-ended another tractor trailer that had just re-entered the interstate after stopping at the eastbound scales near Campbell Station Road, according to Land Line. It’s not clear if the driver of the Volvo had also stopped there.

After rear-ending the other truck, the driver apparently sideswiped it as well, taking out its air tanks, and then passed it at a fast speed, according to the other truck driver. He says the driver of the Volvo veered onto the exit ramp and essentially “pushed people out of the way.”

That’s when he apparently rolled onto the Ford Focus driven by the 42-year-old woman, who was from Loudon. He also rear-ended a Saturn with a Kingston couple inside.

The investigation is not yet complete. The investigating officer says that no specific charge has been filed yet, but it’s expected that the Volvo truck driver, a 51-year-old man from Texas who works for Atlas SN Inc., will be facing some sort of homicide charge relating to the woman’s death.

Source: Land Line, “Trucker facing homicide charge in fatal crash on I-40,” Clarissa Kell-Holland, May 3, 2012