More so than any other vehicle on the road in Tennessee, motorcycles are especially prone to dangerous accidents with larger automobiles.

In the case of trucks, these collisions can be deadly or life-threatening.

Pileup on the road

According to a report from Knoxville News station WATE 6, two riders were both struck when a truck rammed into a motorcycle. Although there is no certain cause yet, authorities believe that speeding was part of what led to the crash. When officials arrived at the scene, they saw the motorcyclist injured and still on the road. After more investigation, they also noticed that the passenger on the motorbike was lying in the bed of the truck. Both parties were quickly taken to the hospital and are currently being treated for any lingering health issues.

These injuries are likely severe and could be life-threatening, since emergency workers transported the passenger and rider directly to the emergency room. The condition of both patients is currently unknown, but the person driving the pickup truck is injury-free and not in need of treatment at this time. No passengers were riding along in the truck.

Driving and safety

In any accident involving a motorcycle, the driver must always be aware of road conditions and incoming traffic. Larger vehicles naturally overpower any smaller ones in the even of a crash. Almost all trucks have blind spots that prevent them from seeing oncoming traffic. Getting caught in a blind spot can lead to broken limbs, spinal cord injuries, or even death. If anyone is in a truck accident, seeking legal advice may be beneficial.