Trucks are a common sight on the roads of Tennessee, as they are throughout the United States. And like all vehicles, they can run into trouble. This is especially true if they are traveling overnight or in the early hours of the morning, when visibility is often poor and drivers are tired. Furthermore, the size and sturdy nature of these vehicles can spell trouble for anything caught in an impact with them.

A recent truck accident in Tennessee resulted in the deaths of two young men. The fatal collision occurred in the early morning last Thursday. Two vehicles were involved in the crash at an intersection. The semi truck driver was waiting to turn when the second vehicle reportedly rear-ended the trailer. The impact of that rear-end collision, as might be expected, proved most dangerous for the inhabitants of the smaller vehicle. Two people from that car died. The truck driver and another involved passenger survived the wreck.

According to the initial investigation of the motor vehicle accident, this wreck was likely not the trucker’s fault. He was, according to reports, simply waiting to turn when his vehicle got hit. Authorities claim that the vehicle that rear-ended the truck was speeding at the time, which increases the likelihood not only of a crash but also of people suffering severe injuries. This Tennessee accident, through tragedy, highlights the potential extent of injuries that can result from a traffic collision. 

Determining the cause of an accident, such as driver fatigue or distraction, can be an important step to achieving justice. If one of the vehicles involved is a commercial truck, it can also be helpful to determine whether it has been correctly maintained. For example, were a truck’s brake lights or turn signals working? Establishing these facts with the help of a personal injury attorney is a vital step toward accident victims seeking proper compensation.

Source: News Democrat Leader, “Two Logan Countians killed in Thursday car accident,” Chris Cooper, March 13, 2014