When people get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having a few drinks, they not only put their own lives in danger, but also the lives of their passengers and everyone else on the road. In order to protect these lives, driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited for motor vehicle drivers across the state of Tennessee. In addition to people who are operating cars, trucks and motorcycles, the law extends to include drivers of any type of motorized vehicle, including golf carts.

A Tennessee woman faces criminal charges, including a Class D felony of vehicular assault, implied consent and her first DUI offense after driving a golf cart while drunk. The woman was driving a golf cart while her husband and another male passenger were standing up in the rear of the cart and holding on. As they were headed to the clubhouse, both men were thrown from the golf cart when the woman supposedly made an abrupt turn at a high rate of speed. Although the male passenger obtained only superficial scrapes, the woman’s husband hit his head and later died in the hospital.

The 55-year-old woman admitted that she, the female passenger in the car and the two men had all been out drinking and had approximately 10 beers each. There were also beer cans found within the golf cart when the accident occurred.

When tragic incidents like these occur, victims may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney regarding their rights and legal options. People may be eligible for compensation for their emotional trauma, medical expenses and lost wages from work.

Source: The Tennessean, “Man dies in Gallatin after golf cart fall; wife charged with DUI,” Tena Lee, July 21, 2016.