Driving drunk is something so dangerous and reckless that it puts the driver as well as anyone else in the vicinity at risk of being harmed. The kind of impairment to one’s abilities is often so vast that motor vehicle skills require much too much focus and coordination for a person under the influence to be in control of. Sadly, there are still many car accidents caused as the result of a drunk driver. One family in Tennessee was recently involved in one such crash.

The incident occurred about a week ago and involved two vehicles; one with a father and son and another with the alleged drunk driver and her passenger. The woman who has been charged reportedly hit the other vehicle and afterward, both drivers got out of their cars. It was at this point that the two sides of the story differ, however, it is stated that the woman left the scene and went to another location, where officials found her.

Police have reported that the woman was having trouble balancing when they found her and had a recollection of having run into a wall. Her sobriety test reportedly confirmed her inebriated state. The father and driver of the car she hit explained that she hit him as well with her car after getting back into her vehicle instead of staying at the accident. While the incident continues to be investigated, it has been reported that the woman in this case was charged with DUI as well as assaulting someone with a deadly weapon.

While this case continues to move forward, other Tennessee residents who have been in similar ones may wish to bring their to a legal professional if they have dealt with the aftermath of someone else’s drunk driving. Someone who has been injured or who has lost a loved one to an accident at the hands of a drunk driver could bring forward a personal injury or wrongful death case in an effort to help cover the new financial stress that comes with such accidents.

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