Drunk drivers continue to be a major threat to everyone on the road, and even pedestrians aren’t safe. Many car accidents are attributed to drunk drivers whose behavior can cause serious injuries and even death. The mere fact that drivers are intoxicated with drugs or alcohol while driving is enough reason for Tennessee authorities to bring charges of driving under the influence. One reason for these drunk driving laws is to help reduce the number of drunk driving accidents that occur.

A pedestrian from Tennessee had his Alabama vacation, and life, cut short when he tried to cross the road and a truck driven by an alleged drunk driver hit him. A nurse practitioner witnessed the incident and tried to revive the victim, to no avail. The driver who hit the pedestrian also called 911, but the victim was believed to have died on impact.

According to the witness, the drunk driver did not exhibit any erratic driving behavior. He further stressed that the driver was driving in his lane and maintained his speed even as he approached the victim. In spite of this testimony, the driver was still charged with driving under the influence coupled with criminally negligent homicide.

While this tragic accident happened out of state, it did happen to a fellow Tennessean. Anyone in Tennessee who becomes involved in an accident with a drunk driver should understand the options for filing lawsuits and receiving financial compensation. This is particularly important if you or a loved one suffered serious injuries resulting in huge medical bills. A lawsuit could also be beneficial in situations such as this one where a life is unnecessarily lost.

Source: Fox10tv.com, “Witness: I saw him get hit,” Candace Murphy, March 31, 2014