It was 3 o’clock in the morning and the Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper was working inside his stopped vehicle on some documents when a tractor-trailer travelled toward his and collided with the sergeant’s car. Knoxville residents may remember the story about the state trooper’s car accident, from which he has been recovering ever since it occurred last March. The officer is reportedly doing very well considering, but continues to await the day when he can return to full service.

It’s a very scary thought to have when you remember that it’s not just about how safely you drive, but how safely other drivers are doing so as well. There are times, unfortunately, when an accident takes someone completely by surprise and there’s not usually time to react in those instances. We have talked a lot about safety and how to be a mindful driver, but this accident involving this THP trooper happened while his vehicle was stopped and reportedly due to the other driver having fallen asleep at the wheel.

As scary as it can be, it is important to do as much as possible to keep yourself out of harm’s way when around other drivers. In this case, the victim of the crash is able to move around now, however he does not have full mobility above his neck due to the fusing of some of his vertebrae after the crash. Such serious injuries can have a dramatic impact on one’s life even after they are well enough to get back to work.

Tennessee drivers know how dangerous other people on the road can be and practice the ways to stay safe themselves, but there are some times when an accident is out of one’s control. Understanding what to do after an accident is something a victim of a similar accident might want to pursue. Distracted driving can be one of the most dangerous causes of accidents and making sure you or your loved ones know how to proceed after being involved in such an accident may help with regards to lost wages or employment such as in this state trooper’s case.

Source:, “Injured THP trooper on slow road to recovery,” Matt Lakin, Jan. 14, 2013

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