There are many things we can often control as drivers: how fast we’re going, how loud the music is, when we want to switch lanes…but it’s the things we can’t control that deserve the most attention. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is now urging drivers to be more aware of the other animals that could be on the road, namely deer. They are requesting that in areas where there is a known population of deer that drivers be more cautious, for nearly ten percent of the car accidents from 2007 to 2011 involved the woodland animal.

The THP has stated that there is an expected increase in deer numbers this fall, noting back to last year when there were nearly 600 more deer-related collisions in November than there had been in October. The raise in amount could be attributed to mating, officials say. Whatever the cause, they are clearly a growing community and making the roads more hazardous.

The kind of damage that deer can do varies on the type of impact and their size. One woman who was involved a deer-related crash is reported to have suffered no injuries, but her car was more directly impacted, resulting in broken headlights and a wounded hood. Often where there is one, there will be more. Looking for the bright flashes of their eyes can help you spot one and slow for those that could follow. It is reportedly the second or third deer that gets hit, the THP explains.

Tennessee drivers who cannot avoid a crash with a deer could look into the steps to take afterward by contacting their local area authorities. If a driver has suffered injuries, contacting an attorney who works in personal injury could help them find out how they may be able to receive compensation for their lost wages or medical bills.

Source:, “THP urges drivers to watch out for deer,” John Henry, Oct. 17, 2012

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