A tragic loss of one teenager occured last week after being in serious condition from a car accident in Jefferson County late September. A 16-year-old was riding along in a truck when the vehicle he was in and another collided, resulting in multiple people sustaining injuries and, ultimately, this young man’s death. Police reported than many of those involved were not wearing seatbelts, including the young man.

The crash occurred near Interstate 40 and Interstate 81 and involved two trucks; one was a 1996 Chevrolet S10 and another Chevrolet pickup (2002). The 2002 Chevrolet reportedly had been attempting to change lanes when they struck the Chevrolet S10 and flipped from the impact. Both drivers involved were injured along with five of the passengers riding in the trucks.

Police reportedly said that wearing his seatbelt may have saved the young man’s life. In these kinds of crashes, it’s difficult to not wish for what could have been while grieving. The parents of this young man could look into seeking damages from the woman who was driving the 2002 Chevrolet. As this is National Teen Driver Safety Week, it’s important to remember the ways in which we can help the youth in our lives to know how to be safe drivers, but also to reflect on them ourselves and talk about how we can be more aware of drivers around us.

Tennessee families who are going through the loss of a parent or child due to a tragic car accident could look into the laws surrounding personal injury and driving to better understand what their options may be. The young man’s family in this case could potentially seek out legal counsel and go over the ways in which they may be able to receive compensation for the death of their child.

Source: knoxnews.com, “Teen dies after Jefferson County crash,” News Sentinal, Oct. 12, 2012