When a big crash on the road in front of you occurs, it can not only be time-consuming to get around, but it can prove dangerous for drivers who don’t see it. Long delays that have left drivers virtually stranded after car accidents in Tennessee, and Knox County in particular, recently have led the Tennessee Department of Transportation to aim for faster cleanups.

A truck accident late last year, for example, left some drivers stranded for 12 hours overnight. That accident, which involved a potato truck on Interstate 40, prompted the commissioner of TDOT to issue a public promise to make cleanups faster.

He says changes have been implemented and guidelines have been set to avoid that type of situation in the future. Everyone’s responsibilities are said to be more “written out” so everyone knows what to do in the event of an accident. A TDOT spokesperson says that communication is key when these crashes occur.

One particular goal is to have all accidents cleared within 90 minutes. That may seem like a far cry from the 12 hours cleanup efforts took after the potato truck crash.

The goal is to not only cut down on time that delays other drivers, but to help ensure their safety as well. Perhaps the commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security sums it up best. He tells Volunteer TV, “We have an obligation to the people of this state and the motorists traveling our roadways to improve our operations and communication.”

Source: Volunteer TV, “Plan released on how to clear accidents faster,” Kyle Grainger, Feb. 16, 2012