On Sept. 4 around 1:45 p.m., two Tennessee Department of Transportation workers suffered injuries in an accident involving a semi-truck while they were directing traffic on I-24 West outside of Manchester. A previous collision and roadside labor caused traffic congestion prior to the crash, and the two men turned on their work truck’s sign to alert oncoming traffic. The semi-truck failed to merge into the left lane as indicated by the sign and ran into the back of the TDOT truck carrying the two men.

The impact forced the utility vehicle across the emergency lane and into a rock wall. The semitrailer hit the wall as well. The TDOT workers were transported to a local medical facility, and one had been released by around noon on the day after the crash. The other worker was listed in stable condition on Sept. 5. The truck driver suffered minor injuries and was not hospitalized, and law enforcement officials reported that the semi-truck driver could face charges.

An investigation by authorities could reveal what prevented the semitrailer driver from slowing down and switching lanes. The trucker may have been drowsy and oblivious to surroundings because he had been on the road too many hours. Also, the truck may have had faulty brakes or other mechanical problems.

People who have been harmed in accidents that involved tractor-trailers may wish to file personal injury suits against the truck drivers, their employers or both. Doing so could lead to those victims being awarded monetary compensation. Additionally, the potential defendant, or defendants, of such a lawsuit may wish to avoid legal proceedings and attempt to negotiate settlements with the accident victims.

Source: WKRN, “2 TDOT workers flown to Vanderbilt after serious crash on I-24“, September 05, 2014