It’s no surprise that the number of people who have been injured or killed in distracted driving accidents has remained high throughout the years, as the majority of Americans are cellphone owners. According to, more than 660,000 people text or talk on cellphones while driving at any given moment during the day. The latest form of distracted driving, however, may put even more lives in danger. In addition to composing texts and updating social media statuses, some drivers in Tennessee and across the country take selfies and post them while behind the wheel.

In fact, a CNN News report found a surprising number of posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter listed under the hashtags #drivingselfie and #drivingtowork. While some of the pictures may have been taken when the driver was stopped in traffic or at a stop light, the degree of danger involved in taking a selfie while driving is significant.

Drivers must use their hands, eyes and concentration in order to compose a text, or post a status update. However, taking a selfie increases the level of danger even more. Not only must the driver pull up the app, but he or she must pose while holding the phone at the best angle and snapping the perfect picture. Furthermore, the driver may choose to add a caption and continue to post the picture, all while driving.  During this time of distraction, drivers are less likely to see and respond to hazardous situations, such as pedestrian crossings, objects or animals in the road or other reckless drivers.