Losing a friend or family member is always difficult, but when the death is through an accident or another surprising event, trauma is added to grief, giving survivors a one-two punch that sends them reeling. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one from an accident, the legal team at Pryor, Priest and Harber offers our sympathies. We have worked with bereaved family members who are experiencing traumatic grief, and we know you need an extra measure of support and consideration.

Psychology Today describes traumatic grief as “extremely painful” because so many things can trigger reminders of the person and bring the loss back again and again and again—so it is always fresh and it is always a shock.

Having trauma and grief at the same time can also hinder people from coming to terms with the bereavement. Survivors try to hold on tight to memories and mementos because they are afraid that they will forget the deceased. Being driven by fears such as these, the normal process of remembering that person and coming to terms with the loss becomes obscured.

One of the reasons grief is such a painful emotion is that the bonds people have with the deceased do not end with their deaths. One fights against being separated from that bond, and feelings that accompany grief are anxiety and difficulty understanding the loss. This confusion is called numbing, which may bring feelings of denial and shock, even more so when death is a sudden event.

Grief is normal, and it is a different experience for everyone. In time, the physical pain eases, and people may find the loss spurs them to build closer relationships with surviving friends and family members.

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