Distracted motorists are a growing concern for Knoxville truckers. Many people assume that trucks operate like passenger cars. They do not realize that these vehicles take much more work and time to operate. Sudden reductions in speed and stops often prove catastrophic. Commercial vehicles carry heavy loads and are at risk of colliding with motorists and falling over. Truck accidents are not always the fault of the operators. Sometimes, it is the motorists who are to blame. 

The upcoming solar eclipse has the trucking industry on edge. The roads are expected to be more congested than usual during the event, increasing the risk of truck accidents. Many motorists who are on the roads when it occurs may become distracted and drive erratically, too slowly and without concern for other drivers and trucker operators who are on the roads with them. Truck drivers may also become distracted. In anticipation of the event, many companies are warning their commercial rig operators to be extra diligent and cautious while driving. 

Distractions that result in less attention on the roads can lead to fatal truck and car accidents. Drivers have less time to recognize and react to dangers. They also have less time to maneuver their vehicles safely to avoid crashing. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident can be a challenge, especially when serious injuries and death are involved. Many people find it beneficial to speak with an attorney about their situations. 

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