In this day and age of social media and smartphone technology, people are able to post status updates and pictures from anywhere. Snapchat has taken the idea of posting to a new level by adding a filter that indicates how fast the user is going while they are taking a picture or a short video. Cellphone use while driving in Tennessee is highly discouraged, as talking and texting on cellphone while behind the wheel is proven to lead to deadly car accidents. In fact, reported that texting while driving in the state is against the law. Some believe that Snapchat’s feature encourages motorists to speed and may increase reckless driving.

According to The Verge, a man in Georgia now suffers from permanent brain damage and cannot walk without assistance after being involved in a horrific car accident. The 18-year-old girl who hit his car was attempting to take a Snapchat photo using the speed filter to show how fast she was going. Evidence shows that she even posted a picture to Snapchat after the accident occurred to show her followers that she was still alive.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated accident involving the social media platform. There are several other impending lawsuits involving people who have been seriously injured in car accidents caused by people using the speed filter on the app. Despite many attempts asking Snapchat developers to remove the filter, it still remains available to users. As long as it is on the application, people will continue to use it while driving.