With more motorists on the roads than ever before in Knoxville, the number of car accidents involving pedestrians is increasing. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, in 2013, emergency rooms across the country treated more than 150,000 pedestrians for injuries they sustained from car accidents. Many of those victims were walking in or near traffic.

Give pedestrians the right away

There are rules that both drivers and pedestrians should follow when they are near traffic. However, many people who walk, ride bikes and run do not always follow them. This can make their actions less predictable. Motorists should lookout for pedestrians, especially children. They may not pay attention to the traffic that is around them and run out into the streets.

To minimize confusion, motorists should approach intersections and certain areas slowly just in case there are pedestrians present, states Safelite. They should stop and give them time to make their intent clear before proceeding through intersections to their destinations.

Obey traffic signs

Drivers should pay careful attention to their surroundings so they can follow the posted speed limits and traffic instructions. Many common areas where pedestrians frequent have signs that indicate their presence and that caution should be taken.

Stay focused

Motorists should minimize distractions so they can avoid crashing into pedestrians. Distractions keep drivers from paying attention to everything that is going, making it hard for them to avoid people and maneuver out of harm’s way.

Pedestrians have a clear disadvantage that makes them more likely to become injured and die from injuries they sustain when vehicles collide into them. Driving is a huge responsibility that motorists should take seriously. They should also be willing to take appropriate actions to keep the roads, walkways and driveways safe for pedestrians.