Driving at a high rate of speed without wearing a seat belt can be an unfortunate combination. Speed may have been a factor in a rollover crash that left five Anderson County High School students injured yesterday afternoon, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The car accident happened on Andersonville Highway just after noon. The driver of an SUV apparently lost control while going around a curve, causing a rollover. Some of the passengers were ejected from the vehicle.

Pictures posted to WBIR’s website show skid marks where the vehicle exited the road. It also shows pictures of the vehicle, which appears completely totaled.

The students were taken to UT Medical Center for treatment. At least three of them were injured critically and flown to the medical center via Lifestar. One student with minor injuries was discharged from the hospital.

Three boys and two teenage girls were involved in the crash, according to WBIR. They were all apparently believed to be sophomores at the high school. The students were apparently on their way to go fishing and swimming when the crash occurred. They had the day off because ACT testing was taking place at the school.

Some friends of the victims went to the hospital, hoping for the best. One teen said he was “devastated, but at the same time you have to remain positive,” according to WBIR. He also says the accident was scary and motivated him to always wear his seat belt.

Source: WBIR, “Five Anderson County students were taken to UT Medical Center Tuesday after SUV crash off Andersonville Pike,” March 21, 2012