The excitement that teenagers in Tennessee inevitably feel after getting their drivers’ licenses is almost always apparent. The newfound freedoms that the ability to driver offers can open up several new opportunities to them related to their participation in social and scholastic events, as well as their ability to seek employment.

Yet with this new freedom also comes the responsibility to be safe while behind the wheel. Sadly, statistics show that the inexperience of teen drivers often leads them to engage in dangerous driving activities. Such actions may not only endanger their own personal safety but that of their friends (and anyone else they counter on the road) as well.

Two teens involved in Knoxville rollover crash

This fact was on full display in a rollover accident that recently occurred in Knoxville. According to the local CBS affiliate, accident investigators say that a vehicle driven by a teen crossed over into oncoming traffic before rolling off the road. Authorities believe that excessive speed contributed to the driver losing control of the vehicle. The accident caused serious injuries to both the driver and his passenger. He eventually died; reports say his passenger’s injuries turned out to be non-life-threatening.

Seeking compensation following a car accident

One can count themselves fortunate if they are able to survive a serious car accident, yet their injuries still may prove costly. Oftentimes it is only through compensation that they can afford those costs. One might wonder how (in cases like the one here) a person can gain compensation from a driver killed in an accident. Such assistance may come from a decedent’s estate, ensuring that those affected by their actions are still taken care of. One’s chances of securing compensation may increase if they have experienced legal resources to rely on.