When people are involved in a car accident in Tennessee, they may be most worried about the physical injuries they incurred. Sometimes, though, emotional injuries remain long after physical wounds have healed. It is important to recognize signs of emotional trauma so people know when they need to seek help.

Emotional trauma can come in many forms. According to FindLaw, someone may often feel overwhelmed or lonely or might become irritable or moody. Some people feel fatigued or have nightmares and trouble sleeping. A person’s behavior may also change. Some people become socially withdrawn and others might develop compulsive habits. All of these are signs that a person has suffered from emotional trauma after the car crash.

Some people might think that this emotional trauma only arises after serious collisions. HelpGuide.org says that people can feel traumatized after the incident if they feel there was nothing they could have done to stop it. If people did not have time to prepare for the impact or if it occurred suddenly, people may also develop emotional trauma. This is because the severity of the collision is not one of the factors that make it traumatic. Instead, a person’s emotional experience determines how someone processes the event.

Sometimes a person may realize that he or she is not recovering from emotional trauma. People may realize they have flashbacks or nightmares about the collision or that they feel emotionally distant from their friends and family. Other people might find that they are relying on drugs or alcohol to get through their day. In this situation, it is a good idea to find professional help.