People in Tennessee who have ever been in a standard passenger vehicle right up next to a large commercial vehicle like a tractor trailer know how immediately dwarfed and vulnerable they can feel. The size differential alone can be foreboding and when the difference in weight between these types of vehicles is considered, it is no wonder why accidents involving semi trucks can be so incredibly dangerous and often deadly.

It is for this reason that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines a robust set of rules that truckers must follow in order to ensure safety on the road for everyone. One of these rules is called the Hours of Service rule. This basically outlines when a trucker may operate a vehicle and when breaks must be taken. It also stipulates how long a break should last. There is a maximum number of hours able to be worked per day and a maximum number of hours able to be driven per day. The goal is to prevent undue trucker fatigue.

Now the FMCSA is preparing to review some potential changes to these rules for times when a truck driver operates a big rig for personal purposes instead of for work. This is called for personal conveyance. It is unclear exactly what, if any, changes may ultimately be made to the rules for these times but the need for safety remains the same regardless of the reason the truck is being driven.

Tennessee residents who are involved in a large truck crash might want to contact an attorney to learn how they should seek compensation.

Source: Transport Topics, “FMCSA Proposes Revised Hours-Of-Service Personal Conveyance Guidance,” John Sommers II, December 18, 2017