Fighting For All Of The Compensation You Deserve After A Work Accident


A work accident can leave you seriously injured and your family dealing with various financial complications. It could be critical to secure appropriate financial support for you and your loved ones, and our team can help you seek all of the compensation available to you. In addition to workers’ compensation benefits, we can help you explore the possibility of a third-party claim.

Should You File A Third-Party Claim?

After suffering from a work-related injury, you may assume that a workers’ compensation claim is sufficient to meet your needs. In certain circumstances, however, it is appropriate to seek additional compensation through a third-party claim against a liable party. If your injuries are the result of a work-related car accident, dangerous tools or circumstances in which a third party may be to blame, you could have a valid case.

By filing a workers’ compensation claim, you relinquish your right to sue your employer. However, we can thoroughly evaluate your case and determine if you have grounds to move forward with a claim against another party. For example, this could include an intoxicated driver that caused your work-related car accident, the company that manufactured a malfunctioning tool that caused you harm and others.

The Experience To Know When There Are Additional Sources Of Compensation

At Pryor Priest & Harber, we understand how important it is to secure a full and fair recovery after an on-the-job accident or occupational illness. Our lawyers will fully explore all sources of recovery, which may include a civil claim against a liable third party. We are committed to the needs and rights of injured workers throughout Tennessee.

We Will Not Leave Money On The Table

If you were hurt, our experienced personal injury attorneys will vigorously pursue all of the compensation to which you have a rightful claim. When it is your family’s future on the line, we will fight for every penny you deserve.

After a work accident, you may find it beneficial to explore your option for a third-party claim in addition to your workers’ compensation insurance claim. Learn more about this option by scheduling an initial evaluation of your case at no financial obligation to you. Call our Knoxville office at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-CT-NUMBER-3″] or contact us online for an appointment.