Many drivers in Knoxville believe that parking lots are among the safest places they can operate their vehicles. Some of them do not realize how common parking lot accidents are. Many motorists are trying to back up and pull into small parking spaces not realizing the dangers they may be subjecting themselves and others to. 

There are many factors that lead to car accidents in parking lots. Poor design, structure hazards, inattentive drivers and pedestrians and varying traffic speeds are all the perfect makings of accident conditions. According to a study on, more than 50 percent of participants “did not have a problem with using their cellphones while driving in parking lots.” Their false sense of security might exist because there are fewer vehicles and slower speeds. There are also more pedestrians and other factors to consider that make parking lots less than ideal places to drive while distracted. 

Many of the same rules that govern traffic on the streets and highways still apply in parking lots and structures. Motorists can avoid collisions and injuring pedestrians by staying alert, states U.S. News & World Report. If they are on their cellphones and distracted by other means, they cannot give the parking lots their full attention to know what is going on. They will not have enough time to react and avoid accident situations because they are more likely to panic, make hasty decisions and mistakes that cause them to overcompensate in their actions. 

Parking lot accidents are very common, but they are preventable. Besides property owners maintaining their structures, motorists should follow all traffic rules and pay close attention to their surroundings and everyone who is in them to avoid accidents.