A Tennessee bakery owner was hit by a Honda Accord that crashed into the business on the afternoon of July 29, 2013. The car accident occurred just before 1 p.m. at a Mexican bakery located on the 3000 block of Summer Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. According to authorities, the bakery owner did not receive serious injuries. The crash left a large hole in the front of the bakery, which has been covered with plywood. According to a witness, the driver appeared to have hit the gas rather than the brake when driving in the parking lot. Memphis police officers cited the driver of the Accord. The owner of the bakery may now face significant repair bills for the damage done to the business property.

In this story, the owner of the business may not have the funds necessary to pay for medical bills for any injuries or repairing the bakery. Anyone who has been injured or had their property damaged due to the careless driving of another party may choose to seek compensation for damages. If awarded, a settlement could be used to pay for medical care and property repairs.

Since the Honda driver was cited by police in this incident, a lawyer may be able to demonstrate cause for awarding a settlement to the bakery owner. In clear-cut cases, a Tennessee lawyer may suggest negotiating a settlement with the insurance company or with the lawyers of the at-fault driver.

In more complicated cases that involve serious injuries or fatalities, especially when it is not clear who may have been responsible, a lawyer may suggest a jury trial. In that case, the lawyer may review all the available evidence and prepare an argument on behalf of the injured person and/or his or her family members.

Source: wmctv.com, “Car crashes into bakery, hits owner“, July 29, 2013