A Claim Denial Is Not The End

Individuals and families encounter many problems dealing with the insurance industry. The Tennessee law firm of Pryor Priest & Harber has found that far too often, insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage and benefits, even though they seem to have no problem accepting premiums. We can help you.

Automobile and homeowners’ insurance companies do not always pay claims promptly and completely, and their insurance contracts are commonly worded in confusing ways which do not benefit the policyholder. Health insurance, HMO agreements, Medicare and TennCare all present special problems for the insured on such issues as coverage, the availability of benefits, unauthorized treatment, experimental treatment, overcharges and the company’s right to reimbursement.

Skilled Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Pryor Priest & Harber believes that insurance policies are for the benefit of the insured who paid the premium and that coverage and benefits should not be unreasonably denied. Issues involving insurance contracts usually involve careful reading and interpretation of the contract and research of the applicable law.

Let Our Lawyers Help You

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