Any driver who has been involved in, or witnessed, a truck accident on the highway knows that these accidents can be particularly grisly. This is largely because a commercial truck generally dwarfs all other cars that it shares the roads with, resulting in maximum damage and injury to the drivers in the other vehicle.

However, one trio recently escaped a rather nasty trucking accident with minimal injuries. The 33 year old man and his two sons were taken to a hospital after being pulled from the wreckage of their car, which had been jammed underneath a commercial tractor trailer. The trailer, carrying milk, had driven a short distance with the other car crammed under it without noticing. However, the man and his sons had only non-life threatening injuries. Likewise, the driver of the trailer was not injured at all during the crash.

The crash itself looked gruesome at the time. The driver of the other vehicle reportedly lost control of his car due to a lane switch in the heavy rain. It was reported that the truck driver ran over the first car shortly thereafter, driving directly over the top of it and wedging it beneath the tank carrying milk. The tank itself was not leaking at the time police arrived on the scene. However, the diesel fuel was. That leak was stopped by the fire department.

Even accidents that don’t result in life-threatening injuries can be traumatizing for the people involved. Moreover, accident expenses can be extremely costly. Because of that, anyone who has been in an accident with a commercial truck may wish to contact an attorney for further guidance.

Source: ABC News, “Car Wedged Under Milk Tanker in Accident on a Tennessee Highway,” Kaylee Heck, July 3, 2015