It’s probably happened to you. You’re on your way to work, or perhaps on the way home, and the sun suddenly creeps up over a hill or past a tree and seems downright blinding. This can be extremely dangerous, and the best thing to do is slow down or pull over. When it happens someplace where it’s not possible to do those things, extreme caution is necessary.

One driver who claims to have been blinded while driving recently struck an 11-year-old boy riding a scooter. The car accident occurred in a residential neighborhood on Crest Hill Drive late last week.

The boy was apparently riding his scooter in a neighbor’s driveway when the resident arrived home in her Honda. The driver says she was blinded by the sun and didn’t see the boy when she pulled into the driveway.

After the boy was struck, he apparently became pinned under the car briefly, according to a Knoxville Police spokesperson. The boy was not wearing a helmet. According to, he was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. His injuries were described as non-life threatening.

Authorities were continuing an investigation over the weekend. Police say charges have not been filed against the driver, at least not yet.

In this case, it’s lucky the boy’s injuries were not more serious. Blinding sunlight can be a real problem on busy streets, and it’s always important to pay attention and drive carefully.

Source:, “Boy on scooter, 11, struck by motorist blinded by sun,” Nov. 18, 2011