It is all too easy to become distracted while driving, especially if you’re traveling a familiar route. Tiredness, children talking to you from the back seat, your favorite song on the radio, these are all things that might make you lose concentration for a moment. Unfortunately, a moment is all it takes for a car accident to occur. Recently, one such occurrence in Tennessee landed a mother and her infant child in a hospital.

The incident occurred late one morning as the 26-year-old woman drove along Boones Creek Road. According the report, when the young woman reached the intersection, she passed a red light and ran into a pickup truck. Fortunately, her infant son was in a child seat, while she was secured by her seat belt. Johnson City Police Department was called to the scene.

The mother and child were said to have suffered possible injuries and were transported to Johnson City Medical Center. The driver of the pickup truck managed to come away from the accident unharmed. It was a different story for the two vehicles, however. Police reported that neither the car nor the pickup was drivable after the crash. Whether any charges will be brought has not yet been made clear.

Fortunately, no one was killed in this accident in Tennessee. However, it shows how quickly and easily disaster can strike and how much could be at stake. If you are involved in a car accident, particularly if it is through no fault of you own, worries about recovery, costly repairs and medical bills can be a strain. However, an attorney may be able to help you seek compensation or get the best deal out of your insurance.

Source: Johnson City Press, “UPDATE: Woman, 1-year-old son treated after 2-car wreck,” April 28, 2014