Too many Tennessee residents may rightly be exhausted by the seemingly endless slew of reports detailing motor vehicle accidents in which people are killed. It only takes a split second for one person’s thoughtless and negligent choice to lead to deadly results. Sadly, this trend does not show many signs of abating quite yet.

Reports recently released from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administation show that last year represented the second year in a row with a jump in the number of lives lost in vehicular accidents in the United States. With more than 37,400 fatalities, last year was the deadliest year on the road in America in a whole nine years. Two years prior, in 2014, the nation posted the lowest number of accident deaths. 

This information certainly makes people wonder what has changed since 2014. The data points to speeding and the resistance to wearing seat belts or other safety restraints as factors in many of the fatalities. The number of deaths in 2016 is actually 5.6 percent higher than in 2015. It seems that even while auto manufacturers work to push safety advances in vehicles, the fact remains that only so much can be done to keep people safe from the choices and actions of others.

Tennessee families who must struggle through the loss of a loved one after a completely unnecessary and senseless car accident might want to talk with a lawyer to understand how they might seek compensation. 

Source: USA Today, “Deadly car crashes are on the rise again, hitting a 9-year high,” Nathan Bomey, October 6, 2017