It only takes a moment for a drive through town to turn into a dangerous situation. Drivers who are speeding, under the influence or otherwise operating a vehicle irresponsibly pose a risk to all other drivers on the road. Tennesseans are involved in serious car accidents each day, many of which could have been avoided. These tragic occurrences can leave innocent victims and their families feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed.

In Memphis, a massive car crash sent multiple people to the hospital and resulted in the death of at least one person. The incident happened near the intersection of Covington Pike and Raleigh Lagrange Road. In all, the accident involved 10 vehicles, some of which overturned during the collision. Six people were taken to the hospital, including a 4-year-old in critical condition. In addition, an adult male died at the scene.

Several of the cars involved were twisted and badly damaged during the accident, and police closed down the area for several hours afterward in order to conduct an investigation and clear the road.

Car wrecks happen each day on roads across the state, and some of them result in serious injuries and even death. Although there is no way for victims to avoid some collisions, there are still options available after the fact to help them recover from the incident. Working with insurance companies, paying medical bills and dealing with pain and suffering in the wake of an accident is never easy, though compensation is available to help victims involved. Understanding Tennessee law is the first step toward finding help.

Source: WMCTV, “10 cars involved in fatal crash, child in critical condition,” April 17, 2014