People who leave the scene of an accident in Knoxville may face serious consequences, especially if there were injuries involved in the collision. Tennessee motorists who are involved in an auto accident are required by law to stop their vehicle. In some cases, however, intoxicated drivers and/or scared motorists may take off and leave the accident in an attempt to avoid any charges.

This was the case in an accident that occurred near Surgoinsville. A 49-year-old man, who was driving while under the influence of alcohol, caused a serious car accident and fled the scene. As a result, he received a number of charges, including failure to maintain due care, driving on a suspended driver’s license, failure to make immediate notice of a motor vehicle accident and leaving the scene of an accident. In addition to these charges, the man received a violation for failing to properly restrain a six-year-old passenger who was in the vehicle at the time of the incident. Fortunately, the child was unharmed in the collision.

Not only was this the second DUI charge for the negligent driver, but he did not have insurance coverage. The intoxicated man reportedly struck a vehicle that was driven by a female, who was injured in the accident. Although her injuries were not life-threatening, she did require ambulance transportation to a local hospital for medical attention. When questioned by law enforcement, the man denied that he had been on the road when the accident occurred. He later admitted driving the car to the store and back, and was arrested by officers.

When drivers make poor decisions on the road, like driving drunk and/or leaving an accident scene, they should be held responsible for their negligent actions. People who are injured in these types of accidents may want to speak to an attorney regarding their legal rights and options.

Source: The Times News, “DUI suspect accused of leaving wreck with injury, child restraint violation,” Jeff Bobo, June 22, 2016.