When a driver is arrested for driving drunk, one might think he or she would learn from it. And if they are arrested for fatally hitting someone while driving drunk, they would learn from that. Whether he learned anything or not, a Tennessee man was arrested and charged with his sixth DUI recently.

The 39-year-old man, who is from Shelbyville, was driving on Interstate 65 near Cool Springs over the weekend when police apparently clocked him at 101 mph. He was arrested, but he’s already out of jail, according to WSMV’s website.

When the man was 19 years old back in 1992, he was charged with vehicular homicide after he hit and killed a teenager while he was apparently driving drunk. He’s had several DUIs since then, including some in three states. He doesn’t even have a valid driver’s license.

The man has spent some time in jail for various crimes, including burglary, vandalism, auto theft and escape.

According to the Williamson County district attorney, a fourth DUI becomes an E felony under Tennessee law. That typically leads to one to two years of prison time. But once someone reaches four, the punishment is the same.

Many question how this man could have walked out of jail just days after he was arrested. Police say they didn’t have a choice in letting him out. This time, he didn’t cause a fatal accident, but traveling at over 100 mph on the interstate, he easily could have.

Source: WSMV, “Shelbyville man accused of driving 100 mph gets 6th DUI,” Dennis Ferrier, Jan. 9, 2012