Whether you ride your bike every day because it is a convenient method of transportation or you occasionally ride for fun or to get exercise, you need to understand the risks you could encounter near traffic. Every year, bicycle accidents claim many lives and far more bicyclists suffer devastating injuries that shatter their lives.

It is helpful to take a look at statistics on bike accidents in order to understand the scope of this problem. Moreover, drivers should review this data to understand how many of these accidents occur.

Bicycle accident injuries and deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 467,000 people suffered injuries from bicycle accidents during 2015, and more than 1,000 people lost their lives. When someone dies in a bike accident, they often leave behind loved ones who struggle with immense emotional trauma and financial challenges. Moreover, bike accident injuries can lead to lost wages, intense physical pain, mental challenges and other hardships.

Other statistics on bicycle accidents

According to the CDC, bicyclists have a higher chance of sustaining injuries and losing their lives than those riding in motor vehicles, even though bicyclists’ trips only make up 1% of all trips on the road in the U.S. Furthermore, 2010 data shows that bicycle accident injuries (fatal and nonfatal) led to $10 billion worth of lost productivity and medical expenses.

If a negligent driver caused you to suffer injuries while you were riding your bike, you need to take a firm stand for your rights and go over options that could help you piece your life back together.