A Knoxville single-car accident has left one University of Tennessee freshman in critical condition and another potentially facing DUI charges. The automobile accident happened at 5:02 am on on May 7 at the Cherokee Trail exit ramp on the Alcoa Highway.

According to Knoxville Police, it appeared that the driver drove the SUV off the exit ramp and down a steep 150-foot embankment. One girl was ejected from the vehicle as it rolled down the hill. Police said that girl suffered potentially fatal injuries. The driver of the car was walking around when police arrived. Another passenger freed herself and suffered minor injuries.

Police reportedly found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car and scattered around the crash scene. The driver and his passengers had just left a party and were returning to their on-campus apartments. A police spokesperson said the driver is in the process of being charged with a DUI.

Drunk driving accidents can cause severe damage and devastating injuries. Victims of another driver’s negligence or impairment may suffer life-altering or potentially fatal injuries through no fault of their own. These injuries can often lead to costly expenses for things like medical care, rehabilitation and a decline in quality of life.

Victims who suffer injuries caused by negligent or impaired drivers may be entitled to compensation and may find value in meeting with an attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney could examine the case, determine if a claim is appropriate and estimate the amount of damages to request. If a settlement is reached, the attorney could negotiate to obtain the most money possible to cover the victim’s expenses.

Source: Knoxnews.com, “KPD: 19-year-old UT student at wheel in crash that seriously injured another student“, Don Jacobs, May 07, 2013