As a driver in Knox County, you may see tractor trailers on the roads every day. While you may be familiar with their massive size, you may not know that driving around these vehicles can be extremely dangerous. Large trucks have unique operating mannerisms that may make it difficult for truck drivers to react to certain situations. By understanding how big rigs operate, you can increase your safety around them and lower your risk of becoming involved in a tragic truck accident.

According to State Farm, there are several safe driving practices that can protect you from becoming the next victim of a big rig collision. Trucks have large blind spots, and truck drivers may be unable to see a smaller vehicle traveling alongside them. If at all possible, you should pass a truck quickly and on the left-hand side in order to avoid becoming caught in a blind spot. If you cannot pass the truck, stay a distance behind them. Also, tractor trailers make wide turns so it is crucial that you give them room to do so.

Tractor trailers need a longer stopping distance, due to their massive weight, size and height. You should never pull out in front of a truck or switch lanes to cut them off. In addition, use your signals so that truckers know exactly where you are going. Keep in mind that bad weather conditions, such as ice, snow, rain, fog and wind, can pose a hazard for large trucks. Truckers may lose control of their rig, jack-knife or slide off of the road. Drive slow and stay away from large trucks during these times.

While you may not be able to control a truck driver’s actions, you can make sure that you are prepared to face whatever comes your way.

This is general information only and is not intended to provide legal advice.