A number of injuries that occur frequently in motor vehicle accidents might be avoided if drivers and passengers apply a few responsible and cautionary measures. First, everyone in a vehicle should be required to use a seat belt or the proper restraining system for his or her body size and location within the vehicle. Secondly, the driver ought to avoid distractions and remain alert to the vehicles’ surroundings and the road signs.

In the event of a car wreck, preventable bodily injuries include those from the neck up. It may be helpful to tell passengers to use the natural instinct to protect the head by wrapping their arms around their head and possibly covering their face. The hope is to lessen the impact or soften the blow during a crash in an effort to escape severe head injuries such as skull or jaw fractures. Data collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that front and side air bags are instrumental in decreasing the risk of serious brain injuries resulting from car accidents.

The proper use of lap and shoulder restraints can help limit back and lower limb injuries because seat belts help to keep the body immobile during a crash. A decrease in the severity of motor vehicle wreck related whiplash and spinal injuries is possible. Riding in a vehicle with feet placed together in front of the body and toward the floorboard as intended is the ideal position to decrease injury to the lower extremities.

When an accident injury occurs, a car accident victim may decide to pursue compensation for damages. A personal injury attorney could help answer questions and obtain accident reports. He or she might represent an injured party in a civil lawsuit or assist with insurance company negotiations.

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