The holiday season in Tennessee is a time that is often filled with joy and happiness for many. However, according to EHS, it is also a time where driving dangers are at their highest. More drivers are on the roads than usual. With higher traffic volumes comes a greater risk of accidents. Motorists who decide to travel during this time of year should make themselves familiar with these dangers so they can take measures to keep themselves safe.

Intoxicated driving

Many people attend family gatherings and parties where alcohol is served. Some of those people who end up drinking find themselves driving while they are intoxicated. The dangers of this behavior impacts everyone because inebriated drivers are not as in control of their driving behaviors as they should be. Alcohol-impaired drivers are responsible for 40 percent of fatal car accidents during the holiday season, states

Distracted driving

Drivers have access to hands-free technology and mobile devices that sometimes interfere with their ability to remain focused on the roads. They may feel tempted to send texts, make phone calls and interact more with these devices and their passengers.

Tired and fatigued driving

Some motorists spend long hours on the road in order to get to their destinations. As a result, many of them end up driving while they are tired, fatigued and having trouble focusing on the roads. Some of these drivers do not stop to rest because they do not want to lose any time traveling to their destinations.

Most holiday driving dangers are preventable with careful planning. Motorists who decide to travel during this time should be extra cautious and prepared for accidents.