On March 7, two men were walking along the side of Highway 126 in Sullivan County after their vehicle ran out of gas when one man was allegedly hit by a car. The men, who were cousins, claim they had been watching the road for oncoming traffic and were moving farther to the side of the roadway when cars approached. On the way back from a nearby gas station, a vehicle struck one of the men in the back, they claim. The 23-year-old man said he landed at the bottom of a ditch, and the vehicle drove off.

The man stated that he felt like he had been left on the side of the road “like a dog” after the car accident. He required medical care for a fractured pelvis and a back injury. The driver of the vehicle is still at large, and police continue to search for a light-colored SUV that may be missing a side view mirror.

According to the victim, this car accident has resulted in numerous medical bills, and he continues to receive treatment for his injuries. He requested that the driver responsible for the accident come forward so that justice could be served. When the driver involved in this car accident is identified, the victim may seek punitive damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

A car accident such as this one may cause the victim to experience financial burden associated with medical expenses and lost wages. Victims of accidents such as these may seek financial compensation for these expenses in civil court. A Tennessee personal injury lawyer may be able to help by establishing that the victim’s condition was worsened due to lack of immediate medical attention as well as potentially demonstrate that the driver was negligent in the first place when he or she hit the victim.

Source: WCYB, “Victim from highway 126 hit and run speaks out,” Megan Brantley, March 12, 2013