Tennessee residents know that car accidents are a sad but true fact of life on area roads. The best defensive driving tactics are not enough to prevent every potential crash. Luckily, many such accidents are minor and may involve only a bit of damage to vehicles. However, when an accident injury occurs, the concerns can increase. When a person is killed in a car accident, friends and family members of the victim are left searching for answers and compensation.

Car accident injuries can range dramatically from a brain injury to broken bones and more. Emotional as well as physical trauma is also common in an automobile accident. For two families, the emotional pain is being experienced deeply after a fatal head-on accident that happened recently. For each family, the angst is slightly different as it appears that the actions of one driver were potentially responsible for the crash.

While driving along State Route 840, a 27-year-old woman veered of the road. In an attempt to get back in her lane, she may have over-corrected. This action put her on the other side of the median and in the path of oncoming traffic. A car driven by a 32-year-old Nashville resident was struck. That driver was taken by helicopter to the hospital and has survived. The first driver died after being ejected from her car. It is not known if any insurance claims or other actions have yet been initiated.

People in Tennessee who have been the victim of a serious car crash deserve help as they recover. Talking with an experienced lawyer may provide options for how best to receive the necessary help.

Source: wgnsradio.com, “Fatal Multi-Vehicle Crash on SR 840 – Names Released,” September 3, 2015