Being involved in a hit and run accident can be a traumatizing event. Because of that, many people are not aware of how to handle these types of accidents, especially if they are the victim in the equation. However, handling a hit and run quickly and efficiently is very important.

A person who has been caught up in a hit and run incident can find themselves upset, confused or injured. According to the Department of Motorized Vehicles, this can make it harder for them to handle the scenario well. However, they suggest that a driver or pedestrian involved in a hit and run accident keep their wits about them and collect as much information as possible. Information to collect includes the make, plate number and model of the other car involved. The more information, the better. They also suggest taking pictures of the scene, of the car or cars involved, and writing down when and where the crash happened.

Hit and runs are illegal and the consequences that someone can face if they attempt to flee the scene can be vast. The Evening Standard states that not only are here heavy penalties and fines for those who hit someone and run, but that insurance coverage could be dropped, among other things. Additionally, the victim of a hit and run could take the perpetrator to court and get a fair some of money for insurance and potential medical expenses.

In the end, a hit and run is bad for everyone involved. It is best for a driver to stick around if they hit anyone, even if it is just a parked car. Likewise, it is best for any potential victims to make sure their case is well documented.