Tennessee residents who own or drive a Chevy Malibu should be aware that General Motors recalled approximately 60,000 of the midsize vehicles. According to the report, the company will fix window defrosters that may be faulty and power seat wiring that could potentially cause the vehicle to catch fire.

Approximately 44,000 Malibus from 2014 were recalled for the faulty window defrosters. The automaker stated that the computer responsible for the vehicle’s ventilation system could default to previous settings, even if the driver attempts to set the controls to defrost. GM warned that, if this happens, the driver could potentially lose the ability to see where they are driving. The company stated that dealers will reprogram the computers at no charge to the Malibu owner. GM was not aware of any crashes that occurred as a result of the issue.

Approximately 15,000 Malibus from the 2013 model year are also being recalled due to the faulty wiring beneath the front seats. According to GM, the fires can potentially be caused when the wires rub against the frames of the seats. The continual rubbing could eventually wear away the insulation, causing the wiring to short circuit and spark. GM was aware of two fires that went out on their own, but was unaware if any injuries had occurred. GM will also repair the wiring at no cost to Malibu owners.

While many car owners assume that their vehicles are safe, faulty wiring could cause issues that may cause the driver to become involved in a car accident. In these cases, those who are injured as a result may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the automaker, especially if there is evidence that the accident was caused by a faulty vehicle.

Source: MSN, “GM to recall nearly 60,000 Chevy Malibus“, November 15, 2013