A car accident can change a person’s life forever. Even simple accidents with minimal property damage can sometimes leave victims experiencing PTSD and chronic pain.

Families of car accident victims may feel the strain of financially caring for their loved ones. Even worse, in serious situations, families may face the shocking and devastating death of their family members.

9 victims in Easter wreck

A severe car accident on Easter Sunday resulted in one fatality. According to authorities, two vehicles collided in Franklin on Sunday afternoon. In addition to the deceased, eight people suffered injuries and received medical treatment at three local hospitals. Authorities have not released the cause of the collision.

Information on the conditions of the surviving victims was not immediately available. Local authorities who initially responded to the accident released a statement expressing their condolences and support for the families affected by the tragedy.

Overcoming trauma

Even for victims who suffer non-fatal injuries in a car accident, the emotional impact of a traumatic situation can have debilitating outcomes. Some people may feel guilt that they survived the accident while other victims did not. They may also feel paralyzing fear about getting in a vehicle again and lack the confidence to drive altogether.

Therapy can help people address their concerns and navigate complex conditions including PTSD, depression and anxiety. Working through their feelings can help them discover methods to manage their emotions and process their circumstances. With adequate support, people can continue to recover and may slowly regain their confidence.

Source: The Associated Press, “Police: 1 dead, 8 hurt in two-vehicle accident in Tennessee,” Apr. 4, 2021