A Clarksville driver who sparked an explosion crashed into a gas station is still causing accidents, according to police. The car accident that occurred at the Clarksville gas station caused one bystander to sustain third-degree burns.

The man and another person were walking through the gas pumps when a car came speeding through the area after it crossed oncoming traffic. It hit a gas pump at the station, causing an explosion that damaged both the building and a parked car. The accident occurred on July 4, and the man with the burns was discharged from a Nashville hospital on July 30. However, this accident was only one of five accidents that the driver has been involved in within about the past year. The most recent accident occurred when the driver said that he had blacked out while he was driving a rented vehicle and crashed into a house. He damaged the garage door and a wall to the house.

Another accident occurred on May 3 when the driver veered across an oncoming lane and crashed into another house. He said that he may have blacked out because of an anxiety attack. On April 7, the driver blacked out and crashed into a ditch. Finally on Aug. 18, 2012, the driver crossed oncoming lanes of traffic and drove through a business’ front yard and hit a utility pole guide wire. Police contacted the Tennessee Department of Safety to ask that the driver be retested in order to keep his driver’s license.

Tennessee personal injury attorneys may be able to assist individuals who have been injured in automotive accidents that were caused by negligent drivers. A lawsuit may provide compensation to the victim for medical expenses, lost wages, future losses and pain and suffering.

Source: USA Today, “Driver who hit Tennessee house, gas station had 5 wrecks in past year“, Chris Smith, August 23, 2013