The president of East Tennessee State University was reported to be in stable condition at an area hospital after a crash between his 2010 Acura MDX and a rollback. The truck accident occurred when the flatbed wrecker allegedly ran a red light and collided with Brian Noland’s SUV at an intersection. A spokesman for ETSU said that Noland was expected to make a full recovery. Both vehicles in the wreck were severely damaged and had to be towed away, according to a police source.

Although Noland needed to be taken to the hospital, the 34-year-old driver of the rollback needed only minor treatment, which was provided at the crash scene. The truck driver was ticketed for a failure to update the address on his driver’s license as well as for running the red light. Police said that there would be no further charges filed in the accident. ETSU said that the university’s COO and vice president of health affairs would take on Noland’s job responsibilities while the president was recovering from his injuries.

ETSU is located in Johnson City, on a 340-acre campus consisting of more the 80 buildings. The university’s facilities include a library, athletic facilities and residence halls. In addition to teaching and other academic resources, the school also boasts an outdoor amphitheater and an observatory.

In some cases, a trucking company holds liability insurance that may be used to compensate victims after a truck crash. An accident claim settlement may be more conveniently pursued with the assistance of a legal professional. A lawyer might be able to analyze an accident investigation to help ferret out details that could shed light on the cause of a truck accident. Some such incidents may be caused by driver fatigue due to inadequate sleep.

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