Drinking and driving is still a nation-wide problem despite the many campaigns against it. When dealing with drunk drivers and the accidents that can be caused by them, many states including Illinois are beginning to instate harsher punishments and swifter reinforcements.

Illinois in particular is starting to crack down even harder on DUI offenders. Patrols will be picking up around the Labor Day holiday. Additionally, a campaign called Booze It and Lose It has been launched. Due to this program, DUI enforcement will be up from August 19 to September 7.This means that more patrols will be out and dedicated to finding DUI offenders.

It should also be known to drivers that the penalty for DUI charges can be harsh. This even includes first time charges. For example, drivers can face up to a $5,000 fine just for one DUI. This is on top of jail time that they might have to serve, which is a large enough deterrent on its own. Some officers speculate that the statistics are so high simply because no one ever believes that an accident or arrest will happen to them. However, statistics show that at least 18 people choose to drink and drive a day and are caught for it.

With the crackdown under way, anyone who enjoys recreational drinking should be prepared by having designated  drivers or other means of getting home. Anyone who ends up facing DUI charges may wish to contact an attorney, in the meantime, as they may be able to help.

Source: WBBJ, “Sheriff’s office to crack down on DUI enforcement,” Aug 19, 2015