It would seem reasonable that people in Tennessee believe that drunk driving is not as much of a problem today as it has been in the past. With all of the public awareness and education campaigns throughout the year and especially during holiday times, drivers should know that operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol is something they should not do. Unfortunately there are too many people who fail to believe this it seems as they continue to engage in this dangerous behavior.

An example of this can be seen in a recent wreck that took place in Murfreesboro just last month. Reports indicate that not only was the driver at fault for the crash believed to be intoxicated but he also refused to comply with law enforcement officers by performing field sobriety test actions or providing a breath or blood sample for the purposes of testing his blood alcohol content.

Reports indicate that two vehicles were stopped facing each other so that a set of jumper cables could be connected between them to enable the one disabled vehicle to be started. One of the drivers was standing between the cars when the drunk driver plowed into the vehicle that was stranded. This left the person in between the cars injured. The impaired driver is now facing multiple criminal charges including vehicular assault.

Tennessee residents who are injured due to the negligence of a driver who refuses to put away keys after driving might want to talk to an attorney to see how they may seek compensation.

Source: WGNS Radio, “DUI and Vehicular Assault Charges Filed – Suspect released from jail on bond as victim heals,” February 7, 2018