Nobody likes getting a ticket, but getting two in one day may have an even more drastic effect on a person’s mood and future as a driver.

As WVLT News reports, a serious crash in Knoxville involved a woman that authorities cited for speeding earlier that day.

From ticket to ticket

A driver on Highway 68 stopped and attempted to make a left turn onto Rhyne Road when another driver failed to stop and struck from the rear. Law enforcement identified the driver that failed to stop as a 77-year-old that authorities ticketed earlier for going 89 mph in a 50 mph zone a quarter-mile away from the accident.

The passenger in the stopped vehicle received injuries from the accident, while the 77-year-old continued to travel into the path of a tractor-trailer.

It is unknown whether the ticketed driver or the driver of the tractor trailer received injuries. The 77-year-old reportedly received a second ticket after the crash, but it is unknown what details the ticket involved.

From incident to resolution

Accidents like this leave people injured and questions unanswered and each person involved may have a long, legal road ahead of them. Insurance companies do not simply hand over what a victim deserves and authorities do not casually excuse tickets. It is up to individuals and families to work through the necessary process.

Whether a person seeks compensation for injuries sustained or contests multiple citations in order to reduce the long-term consequences on their future of driving, this car crash affected everyone involved and each should fight for the best possible results.